Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Things I Learned in Vegas

- Always try to get a better deal. Many hotels in Vegas charge $25/day for a ridiculous resort fee. Ask to get it removed. They may do it. Or they may offer you another deal, like a food or beverage credit for the hotel. Something is always better than nothing.

- Ask for a room on a lower floor. Vegas elevators move very quickly and shooting 28 floors up in a short period of time leaves you feeling nauseous and disoriented...and that's when you're sober.

- Try to get a room with a balcony. Many of the Vegas hotels don't offer this but if they do, it's a great opportunity to enjoy the warm night air without dealing with the crazy people on the streets. I wasn't lucky enough to have a balcony and that's all I wanted.

The busy pool at MGM.
- If you want a lounge chair near the pool, be there before 10 AM. Chairs fill up quickly, especially by annoying people who claim their chair by simply throwing their towel on it and then disappear for hours at a time.

- Sunscreen is a must. Too many people walking around looking like scary lobsters. Not an attractive look.

- Don't order a drink poolside. The drink will no doubt be incredibly overpriced and you won't find out the price until they bring you the drink and you have no choice but to accept it and pay. $22 for a 20 ounce mixed drink. Insane!

- Avoid the pool at 5 PM. All the boys are very drunk, like stumbling over their own feet and mixing up their words drunk. Yet this doesn't stop them from trying to hit on you.

- If you do go to the pool at 5 PM, bring your sense of humor. You never know what the drunk boys might say. You'd better just be able to laugh at it or you will be offended.

- Walk. Not only is it great exercise, and let's be honest, who in Vegas doesn't need a bit of extra exercise to work off the extra food, but it's also free. Cabs are slow and cost $$$.

- Along the same lines, if you're a girl and like to wear high heels, carry a pair of foldable flats. My boyfriend bought be a pair for Christmas a couple years ago and trust me, they are a lifesaver. They even come in a convenient clutch for when you reach your destination. 

- Eat at the buffet early in the day. Buffet prices skyrocket at night and especially on the weekends. Lunch prices are much more reasonable and the food selection isn't that different. 

You can see the fork to the right. The piece of chicken
was longer than the fork and almost as tall.
- Split a meal with a friend. Many times, portion sizes in Vegas are enormous. If you're a light eater, like me, and stay in a refrigerator-less room, splitting the meal can save you money and keep you from wasting perfectly good food or gorging yourself.

- Always carry a bottle of water. The Vegas sun is unforgiving and the dry air parches you quickly. Dehydration sets in fast.

- Also, always carry lip balm. Same story. Step outside and almost immediately it feels like your lips are on fire.

- You don't need to drink to have fun. This may just be me but I actually had a great time in Vegas without a single drink. I'm not a big drinker to start with (maybe a glass of wine here or there) but I didn't miss the alcohol at all. Plus, no hangovers!!!