Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Red Dresses Are Hard to Find

Who would have thought that finding a red dress in February would be nearly impossible? Not I! No, I assumed that in the week before Valentine's Day the stores would have plenty of options. 

Ashleigh and I first journeyed to PB, where I found my adorable white dress for Yelp's White Party last summer. We stopped by about seven shops and found only a handful of red dresses, none of which fit my style or budget. The majority of stores seem to have switched over to spring colors already and pastels were everywhere!!! I don't even like pastels on a regular day but on a special search for red, they were extra annoying. 

Then we went to Mission Valley mall. I found a couple of dresses to try on but they didn't fit right. One of the dresses I couldn't even figure out how to get on!

Unsuccessful, we drove home. I babysat for a few hours in the late afternoon and then headed out for a quick shopping trip before dinner with Alyssa. 

After searching for a total of about three hours yesterday, I finally gave up on my quest to find a red dress for tomorrow's Yelp Elite party. Instead, I settled on a new red cardigan to wear over an already-owned black dress. 

Hope this is going to be considered enough red...I honestly don't own hardly any red so I'm out of options. Next time, Yelp should throw a blue, green or purple party...I'm much better off with the cool colors!

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