Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yelp Elite's Red Party

I really need to catch up on my blogging. I've had stories to share but no time (or desire, I suppose) to write about them. But today is a bright, beautiful day in San Diego and I'm feeling alert and focused so I will take a break from working one of my million jobs to share the story of the most recent Yelp Elite party.

On February 13, Yelp threw an amazing pre-Valentine's red-themed party at Carruth's Cellars in Solana Beach. For my Seattle-based friends and family, Solana Beach is a mere two exits up the freeway from my place and this is the first Yelp party that we didn't have to drive at least 20 minutes to attend. The party immediately won points for its close proximity! Micah attended as my +1 and our friends Ashleigh (a fellow Yelp Elite) and Jeff joined us.

The winery was the perfect setting for the party. It was spacious and provided different rooms for different  activities. There was the wine and cupcake room, the food buffet room and the lounge-like upstairs area where we spent most of our time sitting on the plush red velvet couches. 

Of course, one of the highlights of a Yelp party is the food and this party provided an abundance of it! On the downstairs buffet table there was an assortment of bites, including an antipasto platter and deviled eggs. There were also servers walking around with trays of food. My personal favorite was the Filet of Beef on Potato Crostini. While a lot of the food was not "me-friendly," Micah loved it all! But I heard from several people that my deviled eggs are better. :)

There were four wines to try, a white, two roses and a red, and our glasses were never empty. 

The mini cupcakes were delightful. I was partial to the red velvet but the strawberry shortcake was good too. Even better, they never ran out!

This Yelp event stood out for the entertainment too. While there was a DJ downstairs, we avoided the loud music and hung out upstairs where a magician demonstrated mind-blowing tricks and a caricaturist drew our pictures. Amazing!

Possibly my favorite part of the Yelp events is the photo booth and we took full advantage of it again. This is just a small sampling of our awesome photos.

Overall, it was an amazing night and I can't wait for the next big Yelp event!

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