Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dreaming About Tokyo Disney

I don't usually remember my dreams, much less actually take the time to write about them, but last night's dream was so random and vivid.

I often dream about Disneyland (big surprise, huh?) but last night I had a dream about Tokyo Disneyland. I hopped a plane and flew across the Pacific...with no shoes. At least, I was barefoot when I disembarked in Japan. So my first order of business was finding some shoes. I selected a pair of flip flops but then I realized that I was in need of a pedicure (which in real life, I'm planning to do today). So I ended up in a little nail shop that was run by American girls with Japanese accents. I chose a red polish (which I would seldom choose in my conscience state).

After finally getting my feet prepared, I arrived at Tokyo Disneyland at 4 p.m. It looked like Anaheim's version but with a lot more Japanese people. The main thing I remember about this portion of the dream was that my friend ordered a huge ice cream sundae that five or six people shared while watching the parade.

Then it was time to fly back home. Guess I traveled all the way to Japan for one day.

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