Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Salem to Seattle

A lot happened on December 23 so I'm going to break it down into parts for the blog. 

After a good night's sleep in Salem, we woke up and planned to hit the road around 8 a.m. Our departure time got delayed, however, because we first had to say goodbye to Zoe. We had decided before the trip that Zoe would stay in Oregon with Micah's mom. We didn't need a mastiff running through my mom's house and terrorizing the five cats (we figured the pug would be enough trauma for the scaredy cats). But after we arrived at Micah's mom's house, we decided that Zoe would be better off staying with a family friend who had two other big dogs. So the friend came over on Sunday morning to pick Zoe up and introduce her to her new friends, a German shepherd and a rottweiler. 

The look that almost broke my heart.

Zoe and her new German Shepherd friend, Otto.

Zoe and her new rottweiler friend, Sophie.

I was in the house getting ready and packing so I missed the initial introductions. By the time I got outside, Zoe was already loaded into the back of the pick-up truck. The sight of her behind bars nearly broke my heart. I suddenly realized what this must look like to her; it looked like we were giving her away. I promised her that we would be back for her (not that she understood but it's the thought that counts) and I lifted up Emma to say good bye. Ems then started whining in my arms and I could tell it would be a rough couple of days for them to be separated. These pups do love each other!

After Zoe rode off down the road with her new friends, we went back inside to finish packing and Emma said good bye to her new friend, Dottie (Micah's mom's boston terrier.

Dottie and Emma

Then we finished loading up the car and headed up the 5 towards Seattle. 

Hello, Washington!

Welcome to Washington!

We made a quick stop for gas and grabbed a bite for breakfast just north of Portland and then cruised on north. The four-hour drive went by fairly quickly and before we knew it, we had arrived!

Seattle skyline

University of Washington!

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