Friday, December 21, 2012

San Diego to Sacramento

Oh, what a day, oh, what a drive! We left San Diego around 7:15 last night...only 45 minutes behind schedule, which may have been a good thing because we avoided almost all traffic, even in L.A. We slowed to about 40 mph for a short stretch where the freeway inexplicably shrunk to three lanes. I think I now know why L.A. has such terrible traffic. After stopping at Burger King for a quick bite, we left civilization behind for about five hours as we drove along the dull, lonely stretch of highway.

The dogs did awesome on their super long car ride. Zoe slept in the back seat while Emma transitioned between spending time with her sister and napping on my lap. We were able to get Zoe's collapsed kennel to stand up in the backseat, which created a nice doggie barrier. 

We arrived in Sacramento at Micah's dad's house around 4 a.m. After unpacking and setting up the dogs' kennels in the garage, we fell asleep and slept til noon. We then went shopping with Micah's dad this afternoon and out to dinner. 

It's rained most of the day today and I suppose I should get used to it for the next 10 days. Thankfully, we had a dry drive last night but I'm afraid tomorrow's drive won't be as peaceful. We get to cross the snowy Siskiyou Pass and are crossing our fingers that the drive isn't too bad. We've packed plenty of snacks and water in case we get snowed in and we're stopping to pick up chains on our way out of town tomorrow morning. Let's hope we won't have to use them!

Here's a few pictures of the pups from our day one journey!

Zoe and Emma at the start of the drive. Bye San Diego!

Zoe wondering where we're heading.

Emma was sad that she couldn't get over the barrier.

Zoe trying to get cozy in the backseat.

Emma squeezing in next to her sister.

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