Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Who would have thought that searching for ugly Christmas sweaters would be so difficult? Micah and I -- along with our friend Ashleigh -- have been invited to the North County San Diego Yelp Elite Ugly Christmas Sweater party next week. Problem was...we didn't have any sweaters that fit the requirements. 

I've heard about Ugly Christmas Sweater parties for years but have never attended one. I'm more interested in wearing something cute than ugly. So I decided to compromise and find something that fit at least semi-flattering but had a holiday theme. 

Over the weekend, Micah and I visited several thrift shops in P.B., a beach neighborhood in San Diego that caters to a younger, college-age crowd that frequents such parties. Bad idea! It seemed that the shops had already been picked over and there were shockingly few choices. It seemed it was either an insanely large sweater that at least three people could fit inside or a regular sweater with bits of Christmas decorations glued to it. Seriously?!? Christmas sweaters are not known for being attractive to begin with, it's really not necessary to add bits of tinsel and holly to make it extremely hideous. 

Today, I joined Ashleigh on a hunt for sweaters in the "classier" neighborhoods of Solana Beach and Encinitas. Our stops at Marshalls and Ross proved disappointing as there were no sweaters to be found. (I did, however, find Emma a few new pieces to her winter wardrobe but that's for another post.) 

Then we stopped by a thrift store that I remembered seeing a couple weeks back. If I didn't know it was there, I probably wouldn't have found it. It's small and tucked away in a little strip mall just off the Coast Hwy. Yet this tiny story had the largest selection of Christmas sweaters that I had seen! The options still weren't one hundred percent ideal but when does thrift store shopping ever present the perfect choice? While I initially envisioned a cute yet tacky sweater with a Santa or reindeer knitted on the front, I never came across anything remotely close and I ultimately selected a simple ski sweater with snowflakes. On the plus side, at least it only cost $10, which is about what I was willing to pay for a one-time-wear sweater.

My sweater
Micah's sweater

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